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Published: Mar 14 Posted Under: John Calvin Abney

ROUNDUP - John Calvin Abney's Better Luck

John Calvin Abney's debut record, Better Luck has gotten a lot of love from critics since its release in January 2015.

No Depression's Scott Huppardo finds Abney's transformation from sideman to songwriter altogether convincing, noting that "this is the accomplished wing man sliding into the starring role, his own skin in the game."

He describes the record as "landscapes of sounds and instruments put together seamlessly, complete with heady, deeply personal lyrics."

Published: Dec 31 Posted Under: John Calvin Abney

John Calvin Abney's Better Luck (FULL ALBUM REVIEW)

The break-up album is a tested form that crosses time and genre and lends us a yardstick by which we might measure an artist and songwriter’s potential based on how he or she fares in such well-traveled and emotionally choppy waters. John Calvin Abney’s debut full-length release, Better Luck, takes on these expectations while providing enough unexpected diversions along the way, both musically and lyrically, to keep us guessing as to its out come.