Travis Linville - Out on the Wire : Sun or Moon Double EP (Vinyl)

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The vinyl release of Travis Linville's Sun or Moon and Out on the Wire EPs. $25 w/free shipping inside the United States. International orders inquire at

It’s hard to ignore Travis Linville’s transformation as a songwriter and instrumentalist on these two EPs, now smartly joined into one piece of vinyl magic. For the first time in his already storied career, Travis Linville has aspects of his interior life, beyond his many gifts as a musician, that urgently demand a voice. The Sun or Moon/Out on the Wire album fulfills this promise to himself and to us in this unmistakable realization of his immense creative potential.

With sounds in his arsenal that include country, folk, jazz and blues and able to express himself on more than ten instruments, Travis Linville and his music may never be easy to classify but describing it is. He takes the stage armed with legacy of effortless authenticity -- a legacy inherited, a legacy earned and a legacy ever in the process of being formed. For any audience who demands to be fed something real, it doesn’t get any realer than this.