SHOUTS - Oxford Karma on Music of Tom Waits benefit @ Opolis

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Kyle Reid

SHOUTS - Oxford Karma on Music of Tom Waits benefit @ Opolis

Oklahoma's newest culture website, the Oxford Karma, interviews Kyle Reid about the music of Tom Waits to promote Friday's benefit for Norman's Food and Shelter. It's a great interview to promote a great show for a great cause.

OK: How many songs did you guys learn for this show? He’s such a revered guy … do you feel comfortable taking liberties with the songs and spin them into a very Kyle Reid & the Low Swingin’ Chariots-treatment of them? Or are you trying to play them pretty close to the original versions?

Reid: We learned and arranged a solid two sets of Tom Waits tunes, including one song I wrote around one of his poems. When we committed to doing this project I asked myself, “If Tom Waits were doing a concert of Frank Sinatra tunes, would he try to recreate Sinatra?” The answer is, of course, “Hell no.” We wouldn’t dream of re-writing his music, but we couldn’t recreate Tom’s arrangements if we wanted to, so we’ll be doing our own loving interpretations of his songs.

Here's the deets about the show.